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My Weekly Meal Plan

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I am usually very tired of Winter come the beginning of March but since January and February had more Summer/Fall like days I'm okay that it's been snowing lots this past week. It's a blessing and we need it. Matt even enjoyed building and "igloo" last week!

I am getting ready to start some seeds indoors and looking forward to planting season but if the snow promises to stay away during Spring it can keep snowing now. ;)

Last year we had a really late frost and it killed one of our peach trees and the others had to struggle to make it back. They did make a awesome come back and I just pray it doesn't do that again this year. They fair cold temps just fine unless they are budded and the sap is flowing I think once our wall is up across the back where the trees are they will fair the cold spring times better.

Ryan was busy part of last week up the mountain with business meetings. The kids and I enjoy time together mostly indoors getting over some colds.......Yep we did all get some runny noses....some worse than others.....some not much at all. Curt did cough some but not at all the "The Cough" he used to get. It's mostly been loose and I am so glad for that. He never seems to get wheezy anymore but has still had a pretty barky cough at times but not this time.....in fact it has been so loose I'm wondering if he is cleaning up old gunk.

We have really not even felt bad just a little stuffy. There are still a few sniffles around here this morning but I certainly can't complain......No fevers....no earaches......no throw-ups....no worries! ;)

By the way have you been wondering if I'm ever going to post new recipes?  I promise I have quite a few more in the works and as they are perfected I will share but for some reason there has just been a lull. I bet there are lots of fun things on here that you haven't tried yet. When it's cold outside sometimes I just like looking through my Comfort Food Section and making something that we haven't made in a while. Or this time of year with dry skin and runny noses I also like making things from my Natural Healing/Living Section.

Have a great week and don't worry there will always be more recipes!

Philly Cheese Steak

My Weekly Meal Plan

Chow Mein 

Lentil Sloppy Joes

Taco Salad

Sweet Potato Soup

Quinoa and Sweet Potato Grilled Wraps


Philly Cheese Steak

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