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My Weekly Meal Plan

Mars and Venus can you see them both?
Last week was simply beautiful! It got me thinking lots about getting going on our garden....there was also daily picnics in the front yard, roller blading, bike rides, reading in the sunshine and the boys even went on a overnight scout camp on Friday.

ccamping with scouts
We have loved the amazingly beautiful weather we have had this winter and frankly we had lots more than I ever expected. It seemed as though we had moved down south by my Sister. ;) Then in the middle of the night (after being startled awake by one of my kids) Saturday I noticed that snow was falling just as predicted.

This weeks menu and lots of snow!
And has been coming down ever since! (I just took this picture a few minutes ago) Although we were very much enjoying the perfect weather we know that good snowfall (especially in the mountains) is just what we need to keep us from too severe of droughts. So all this snow is a very timely answer to our prayers.

Really I would rather have it now while it is still winter then in the Spring when everything is already planted....although that could happen too it has happened before. But if I get to choose I think now it better.

(The first two pictures Ryan took while camping with the scouts last weekend.....good thing they weren't planning to go this weekend ;)

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My Weekly Meal Plan

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