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My Weekly Meal Plan

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Last week was another great week! I liked it because it was nice and warm and not a lot was going on. We did celebrate Curt's 12th birthday which brought back a lot of memories of the struggles and asthma issues and things that we dealt with when he was just a baby.

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That was a really hard time for me but really felt that I had been prepared, taught and guided on how to best help him. He did get his infamous cough a month or so ago when there were colds going around. But this time it only lasted less then a week and he didn't wheeze at all. In fact he hasn't had any wheezing in over 2 years and even 2 years ago it was very mild.

Ryan and Curt Yesterday

It's been a long road but I feel that his immune system gets stronger all the time. He was pretty sickly those first few years of his life. But I believe that a wholesome diet and lifestyle and lots of prayer has him becoming a very strong healthy young man who is happy and active. It's the miracle I prayed and prayed for.

Summer busyness is knocking at our door and although it's a pretty busy time of year for my family I still try to keep myself from becoming overly busy. I try to focus on the garden and enjoying long days, while trying to support my kids in the activities and things they want to be involved in.

But I'll talk more about that next week. How about this weeks meal plan!

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

My Weekly Meal Plan


Leftovers from our Luncheon Yesterday (See Sunday on last weeks meal plan)

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Quinoa Burgers

Falafel Flatbread Sandwich

Taco Sundays


Crock Pot Lasagna

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