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My Weekly Meal Plan

My Weekly Meal Plan

It has been a crazy but great week! We have been loving the perfect sunshiny days. We have been trying to get Missy prepped and ready to move but mostly I am glad that she will be able to just run home if she needs anything because she seems to be a lot like her father and is okay with just taking things as they come.....aka waiting to the last minute.....I'm learning to roll with things better thanks to being married to her dad for nearly 20 years. ;)

Honestly I'm glad she hasn't been packing boxes or emptying her room.....things that would make it seem empty. I'm not sure my heart is ready for all that reality. Ryan says he thinks the band-aid method is easiest when it comes to things that are painful but I'm glad it has been a gradual process even though it has come much faster then I anticipated.

Her Favorite thing to do

Over the past couple of years she has done more and more things that have required her to be away from home a lot more and the last few weeks she has only been here a few hours a day.....I'm falling apart a little bit but I think I have kept it together fairly well. I have leaned a lot on my Heavenly Father and said a few extra prayers for my sweet girl and I'm just so glad that I know how quickly he answers a Mother's prayers and that he will help watch out for her.

Ryan was able to get the garden tilled this weekend and tonight we hope to plant a few things. We are getting so excited for another season of gardening and the bounty that comes with it.

Easter Menu Plan
It has been such a beautiful Spring.....there have been some windy days but so far mostly just beautiful perfect days. I'm starting to get a bit of a Spring cleaning itch but unfortunately it's not a very big itch. Hopefully I will get a bit of purging and cleaning done but I seem to want to just get outside.

I have been itching though to get some of my recipes perfected and really wanting to share more with you but it is just taking quite a bit of time to get them perfected just how I want.  My current creation is a mint chip ice cream.....you wouldn't think that would be very hard but I'm trying to keep it high in healthy fats and low it sweetener and still have a perfect sweetness and creamy consistency.

You see I have cut way back on the amount of sweet (even healthy whole food sweeteners) and my body seems to be happier with me. But of course I still get a few cravings once in a while and for some reason I was wanting really good mint chip ice cream.....maybe it has something to do with green and March I don't know. All I know is that no one seems to be complaining about all the different versions of mint chip they have had to eat up. It just isn't quite blog worthy yet.....but soon!

Dairy free Macaroni and Cheese

My Weekly Meal Plan



Mac and Cheese

Minestrone Soup

Good Friday Meal, An Easter Tradition


Chickpea Salad Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Crunchy Cabbage Salad, Carrot Butter with Fruit, Brownies (another recipe I'm working on) or maybe these Blondies, Hibiscus Lemonade Sorbet (another creation in my head) or this Berry Lemonade 

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